I'm Hannah

Lover of British Baking Shows.

My mom said I was always imaginative. She said from the time I was a toddler I would play in a fantasy land all of the time; my utensils would become people, as would cut up pieces of paper or food--I could give life to anything, and go hours and hours without coming back to reality. I can’t remember when I first started actually writing stories, probably when I started to be able to write words. And then I really did come to reality. I wrote sporadically, I had ideas, dozens of notebooks, scores of character ideas, and every now and then plot epiphanies that I thought were genius. But, they were quickly forgotten and I found it easier and easier to abandon my fantasy worlds for months and months at a time. Never forgotten, but put off to make room for things that simply could not be put off, my stories have been waiting for me to put them to print so that you can have them. One by one, they’ll come out of the back of my heart and into the world and you will be able to meet the characters that have so inspired me.

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