Hannah Holm

Author / Mom of five

My Story

My mom said I was always imaginative.  She said from the time I was a toddler I would play in a fantasy land all of the time; my utensils would become people, as would cut up pieces of paper or food–I could give life to anything, and go hours and hours without coming back to reality.  I can’t remember when I first started actually writing stories, probably when I started to be able to write words. 

When I write, I generally begin with a character–some person or creature that presents itself to me.  I write to find out more about who they are, and they tell me their story, and introduce me to the other characters.  It actually feels less like writing and more like transcribing. 

My Books

Henry’s Battalion

“This isn’t the end…You are not alone.” Unseen battles can be the fiercest. As Haley experiences loss, self doubt, and other painful trials, she must learn not only how to fight, but also that she is worth the fight. With a fearless battalion of guardian angels on her side, lead by the brave and kind Henry, she has a real chance at winning the war for her soul — literally the fight for her life.


She handed the baby back to the giant creature, who failed to suppress a groan. Eleanor glared at him. 
“I’m sorry,” he said. “Human babies are not nearly as cute as sasquatch babies.”

– Timothy’s monsters (coming soon)