I live in Northern Utah with my handsome husband, busy little boy, and ever-faithful dog.  I started writing stories when I was about nine or ten, though I lived in a world of imagination long before that.  In fact, I wonder if my parents ever worried that I would never know the difference between what was real and what was in my head.  Whether I do or not, writing is my escape, my therapy, my daily adventure, and so what if I have conversations with stuffed animals. Writing also allows me to stay at home and do my favorite job of all time–Mom-ing.  We are anxiously awaiting the birth of baby number two, though we still have many months before we get to meet him or her face to face.  It’s all about the characters, just like life is all about the people.  I am blessed to have wonderful, magical people in my life, and lucky to have a talent that allows me to invent new friends (let’s be real–family) in my mind.  I write so that I can share with you the adventures and the people that I get to enjoy in my imagination.  I don’t consider myself a particularly outstanding writer, but I do it so that I can convey the hopes and thrills and lessons that my characters have taught me, and I hope they will bless you like they have blessed me.  Thanks for reading!